Entrances to Castle from Gallery


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The Gallery is the social core, centre and theatre of the Institute. It is both a "Republic of the Valley" and a "Basilican Core".

Every floor of the Castle is accessed from the Gallery, without stairs. This is of benefit to the disabled. The view shows how the two main entrances to the Lecture Theatre, below, and the Debating Theatre, above, are effected through a 'double-height' space. The intermediate floor entrance bridges are just off the view to the right.

It is also effected by making the Castle self-sufficient for escape in case of fire, with its own staircase. This means that all of the Gallery's bridges and stairs can be open, and not cased in glass, which would be necessary if they were to be used as fire-escapes in a smoke-filled Gallery.

Note how the external wall of the Castle enters the Gallery space unchanged, as a wall of 'external masonry'.This designates the Gallery as an 'external' space and therefore, by association, a 'public place'. This helps give it its identity as the 'Social Space', the "Valley-Republic" of the Institute. Then, when the wall of the Castle turns to form the wall of the Gallery, the "Working Order" columns become round on plan, followiing "Serlio's Injunction ".

For information on the services, their accessibility, and the structure of the bridges and balustrades, see the enlargement by clicking on the Picture.