E-W Long Section No.1 through Power Stn.


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The 700-room Hotel is to the left and the 350-room Hotel is to the right. This is the cross section through the short dimension of the old power station.

The public rooms of the 700-bed room hotel begin with a Porte-cochere and Reception at +8.5M OD (Power Island 'new' ground level). The multi-function Ballroom is above the Porte Cochere. Above that is the Exercise gym, and above that the open-air heated swimming pool. One may swim, in this edgeless pool, like a disk of of sky, viewing the Houses of Parliamant through the gentle mists rising off the water.

There is a clear, 180 metre (600'0") view from the food court of this Hotel, across the entire Centre to the food court of the 'ship' and the listed turbine control room.

Master-Design for the Battersea Development.