Swimming pool


The pool is located mainly under the big, first floor, South-facing, terrace used by the Main Bedroom. The pool receives the sun all day, it faces East, West and has its longest wall to the South. The ceiling is stretched mylar. This has such a low specific heat that it never condenses. The void above it serves as the air plenum for moist, warm, air extracted behind it at high level. The air is input by slots in the stone floor just inside the windows. The colmn capitals are gilded plaster castings, over-rubbed with a metallic paste of a different colour. The Columns were scumbled finish and the walls are yellow Tilcon sand render over-painted in a blue wash to make the mottled green surface.

The window mullions are finished internally with half-rounds in radio-frequency curved playwood, stained and lacquered and fixed with mirror screws. The horizontal 'Service Beams' contain pull-down fabric blinds.

House at Moulsford, Thames Valley, England