Bridge across The Street


With the invention of the 'Walking' Column, circulation of any kind can pass through the axis of a colonnade. Corridors, bridges, stairs, escalators, automobiles (as in the interior of Battersea) , can all circulate directly through giant columns. Columns, instead of inhibiting space planning, can now be used to articulate it.

The mad reign of the ghost of Buckminster Fuller can be brought to an end. Instead of urging us, as in the latest rash of Museum 'conversions' to merely span an internal courtyard with ever vaster sheets of glass that render these huge additions to Museum Space useless to their purpose, which is to show their collections, all such space can not only be properly planned, and shaded from the sun (all glass roofs fail here) but made into an Architecture better than the faded Neo-Classical 'ruins' that surround them.

Duncan Hall, Rice University, Houston