Section through Island-blocks


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The Railway Station is on the left and the River Thames is on the right. The open-air theatre is backed-up against the river, with a restaurand unerneath. This is the long section down the centreline of the old power station boilerhouse. It shows the two floors of cinemas up in the roof, whose contract was signed by the time we came on board, effectively excluding much daylighting from the hall proper.

The conventional shopping centre strategy places the restaurants directly under the cinemas, on the top floor. Our design mede the roof trusses carry over long spans so as to open-up this ceiling for light and image projectors. But the 'hypostyle of columns' (see 'Empire of the Forest) helps with physical support for this 'inhabited roof-raft', whose iconography would have been developed to explicate the 'Raft of Fire'.

Master-Design for the Battersea Development.