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This section is cut on the 45-degree diagonal. It travels along the route of the escalator access up to the floors of the shopping centre. They can be seen threading their way through the 'camera lucida' formed by the spread legs of the 'Walkin Column'.

The same escalators carry-on mounting right up to the central foyer of the cinemas in the roof. The cinemas can be accessed directly via this amazing escalator ride, while scanning shops all the way - after which the customer can 'trickle-down' taking in the centres of shopatainment as they 'come alive' according to a stricly 'clockwise' rotation in the 'solar plan'.

The restaurant and cafe floor, under the cinemas, connects directly with the internal roof gardens 'behind' the hotels.

The 7000-bed Hotel is on the left, seen partly in exterior elevation. The 350-bed Hotel is shown in section, on the right, demonstrating how its serves to 'shroud' the raw bulk of the power station and 'occlude' it, thus making the discovery of its huge 180-metre x 180 metre interior more astonishing. It slso saves 'restoring' the millions of bricks to anything more than a mediocre level of craftsmanship.

The listed turbine hall (whose 'nave' has no turbines and merely some old tiled walls), is shown filled with the telescoped 'sub-space-ship' This is s 'ship in a bottle', of no known provenance, that plays with the ideas of the Ark and so on. JOA suggested that the trains from Victoria backed-up into the Ark so that people would arrive in the bowels of the 'experience'.

Master-Design for the Battersea Development.